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digitQ Queue Management System
Customer service reinvented. The CUCOS® Ticket System.
digitQ is a highly efficient and modern ticket-based system that manages the entire flow of a customer's visit. It's based on the latest technologies combined with easy-to-use administration tools.

Long queues and waiting times are a common problem in many customer areas. More than ever, individual customer experiences are becoming a critical factor that customers use to differentiate among competitors.
A system for increasing customer satisfaction through individual customer service strengthens your brand and binds customers to your company. digitQ informs customers about the queuing process and ensures that the order in the queue is adhered to.

It also offers numerous options for collecting statistical information and evaluating it to improve service performance.
Reduce both perceived and actual waiting times
Best customer service
Increase resource efficiency
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Easy to use and install
Deepen customer loyalty
Align to customer needs
Did you know?
… change brands because of poor customer service.
… are based on being treated well as a customer.
… are more likely to come back after a positive buying experience.
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digitQ - one system for many industries
Do you have deli, meat and cheese counters? Which queue should your customer be standing in? Your customer can simply pull a number and carry on shopping. They can see when it's their turn on the monitors.
Do you offer your customers lumber cut-to-order? Why keep them waiting around? Your customer draws a number and can then see when it is their turn on the screens. In the meantime, they can continue browsing your store.
Government offices
Do you have a waiting area in your office? Would you like to guarantee your customers a fair experience? They simply pull a number and take a seat in the designated waiting areas. The numbers are called up via monitors, screens, or loudspeakers and the corresponding desks are assigned.
Hospitals/doctor's offices
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    We have been working with shop radios from Cucos Retail Systems at all our locations since 2018. The use of radio has made a significant contribution to improving communication in our teams. This has also made it possible to shorten walking distances. The Cucos customer queuing management system xpressQ is available at our shops with express tills. Here, xpressQ allows peripheral devices such as returnables return machines to be connected to the radio system.
    Thorsten Wucherpfennig - EDEKA Wucherpfennig, Hannover
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    We have been working very successfully with Cucos for several years now. We have achieved a much more efficient POS experience for our customers using the Cucos queuing management systems. A faster and more professional reaction to till queuing is a real advantage for our company thanks to a higher degree of automation. Thank you for the good cooperation.
    Falk W. Paschmann - EDEKA Paschmann, Mühlheim an der Ruhr
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    Collaboration with Cucos is very professional: installation and support went very smoothly, even after setup. We are very satisfied with the new POS management system. The automatic customer announcements make managing the markets much easier for us. The headset connection for calling staff to tills and the automatic notification about recyclables return machines are a real step forward. The introduction of our operator number system with Cucos went extremely well.
    Björn Keyser - REWE Radebeul
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    Gerry Weber uses the POS management system from Soest-based Cucos Retail Systems GmbH at its outlet in Halle, Westphalia. This ensures a quick and smooth process at the tills. Long queues now get handled as quickly as possible. This is helped by running 11 tills where customers are called up one-by-one. This system therefore not only prevents people from being pushed in front, but also grants the customer plenty of room for privacy as there is no customer directly behind them as they enter their payment information. The loudspeaker can be used at any time to call staff to tills that need to be occupied. This process saves time and shortens communication paths.
    Miriam Bilan - Storemanager Gerry Weber
Installation | Service | Support
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Installation & Service
Our installation and service teams are at your side with their know-how before, during and after installation. When it comes to individual problems in the particular buildings, our employees’ trained eyes always find a solution.
Visit our support area, where we have summarised lots of useful information and tips. There you can also find installation instructions and technical descriptions.

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Your customers are our focus at CUCOS Retail Systems. Our scalable shop information system will make the digitalisation of retail a reality.

The aim is the intelligent integration of the technical peripheral devices (tills, recyclables return machines, baking machines, etc.) into our shop information system so that your customers enjoy the highest level of convenience and service when shopping. In addition, there is a noticeable optimisation of processes and a significant improvement in internal communication. You can find our systems in food retail, discount sales and retail trade. Customisation is our priority, because each individual customer approaches communication differently.

We have the right solution for you.

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